Product Description

The Bluefin Saildrive systems range from 24v 2.8kw to 48v 8Kw  The system is developed for sailboats between 25 and 50 feet, sailing cats, watertaxies and smaller powerboats. The systems are also used in solar-electric boats and racing sailboats. Your Bluefin system includes the LMC high performance Electric Motor, Sillette- Sonic Saildrive leg, Motor Controller, Ignition Switch, Throttle and Display. Full technical support from our team, plus complete installation and wiring instructions. Everything to make your switch to electric a breeze. Other options are available depending upon your requirements. For your peace of mind, Your Swordfish Drive System comes with a 2 year warranty program.


The electronics for your Bluefin system are selected to the relevant working voltage and they are custom built to your vessels needs and specifications. Your system comes complete with installation instructions and all necessary drawings.

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