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Torqeedo is the global market leader in the growing segment of electric marine propulsion by a long way. As pioneers in the field of water-based electromobility, we have set many standards since founding Torqeedo in 2005, reinforcing the lead of our motors over all other solutions available on the market. Superior technology and revolutionary benefits are what we set out to achieve, and every product that Torqeedo brings to market meets both these criteria. Torqeedo currently offers 32 electric boat drives ranging from 1 to 80 HP together with a large number of functional and innovative accessories such as solar charging technology, high performance lithium batteries, a smartphone app etc. All our motors operate at record levels of overall efficiency, the most important measure for an electric drive system as it determines potential power and range for a given battery supply. In addition, our performance in relation to motor weight is just as unique.