Solbian SXp128

SXp Series using Full Square Cells

With up to 18% cell efficiency, great quality with the best price

The polycrystalline solar cells used in the SXp series are electrically connected using ultra-thin copper wires that form a very fine mesh on the cell surface, resulting in thousands of contact points. This alternative to the standard bus-bar method allows a higher module power and increases the energy yield. This technology is optimally suited to flexible modules, due to its intrinsic insensitivity to micro-cracks, that are the most common cause of energy loss in solar modules. Another advantage is a reduced sensitiveness to shading, a quite important issue in marine and mobility applications. The new connection technology, together with the use of high efficiency polycrystalline silicon cells, makes SXp panels especially powerful and reliable.

LENGTH 54"/1364MM
WIDTH 26.9"/683MM



Thin wires dense mesh Particularly resistant to shocks Less sensitive to shading Pleasant visual appearance Easy installation with LOXX snap fastners, zip, screws, adhesive, metal eyelets. A solar panel, a charge controller and a battery are the three fundamental building-blocks that are used to exploit the Sun's energy in off-grid installations. The panel converts light into electrical energy, the battery stores the energy and the charge controller optimises the operating point of the panel and charges the battery safely. Even though Solbianflex panels can be used in conventional photovoltaic systems, connected through an inverter to the power grid, Solbian’s strength is in providing solutions offering its innovative flexible panels and a wide range of charge controllers, to satisfy the most varied requirements. Solbian’s technical staff is at the Customer’s service to find the best solution given: the power and energy requirements, the available space, the type of battery (or recommendations on suitable battery types).

Modern, efficient charge controllers match the output voltage from the module to suit the battery. This means that module size is unimportant when considering the battery voltage. If you need to charge, for example, a 48 V battery but have limited space available for the module, our Technical Staff will suggest the right controller to charge your battery from the module that fits into the available space.

Thanks to the electronics, you will be free to customize the photovoltaic system, without being tied to the traditional classifications of photovoltaic modules based on the battery voltage. A freedom that also extends to additional accessories that can make up your installation. If you need extension cords, connectors, blocking diodes, cable glands, meters, wireless devices to control your plant from your mobile phone, or the batteries, just ask. Solbian will always have a solution.

The SXp series solar panels uses polycrystalline cells with efficiency greater than 18%. The sophisticated connection technology makes these cells particularly resistant to shocks and less sensitive to shading, mechanical stress and atmospheric agents. High performance at a great price.