Deep Blue 25i 1800

image of Torqeedo Deep Blue electric inboard engine on white background.

It is not just power and performance that make Deep Blue the first of its kind. It is unparalleled performance combined with full system integration and groundbreaking safety levels that set Deep Blue apart from all other electric propulsion systems on the market.

All the components of the system are perfectly engineered to match each other and are completely waterproof. State-of-the art monitoring technology with pilot lines and insulation monitors safeguard the high-voltage system against the risk of short circuits. The same high-performance lithium batteries used to power cars also power Deep Blue – after we developed them further for use in boats. These and many more safety and performance features make Deep Blue a unique high-voltage propulsion system for electric boats.

And if that's not enough – we provide up to 9-year warranty on the Deep Blue's battery capacity with private use. Electric boat propulsion is not only powerful and safe, it is also a genuine commercial alternative for heavy users in particular. Switch to full electric power!

Deep Blue i 2000 rpm – Benefits:

  • Deep Blue: the first high-power propulsion system in serial production - fully integrated system in which all components are designed to match each other seamlessly and to work together perfectly on the water
  • An overall concept that is unique in terms of safety, performance and range
  • The Deep Blue i 2000 rpm is the "planer" at your side
  • Available as 25 kW (40 HP equivalent) or 50 kW (80 HP equivalent) depending on requirements
  • Traceability of battery life - Battery ageing is transparent and can be tracked by the user in the on-board computer at any time

Specs - Deep Blue 25i

Input power (continuous) in kW 27.6
Propulsive power in kW > 16.2
Comparable petrol outboards (shaft power) 40 HP
Maximum overall efficiency in % > 54
Motor weight without battery, including electronics in kg 80
Shaft length / shaft diameter options 30, 35, 40mm | 11/8,11/4''
Maximum propeller speed in rpm 1,800 / 1,400
Integrated on-board computer with touchscreen display yes
Liquid Cooling Sea Water, 7 l/min, max. 32°


Specs - Deep Blue Battery 40

Nominal voltage 352 V
Max. continuous performance 55 kW
Capacity (usable) 38 kWh
Weight 284 kg
Dimensions 1666 x 993 x 173 mm